The Stormbringer's Name

Hope Ann
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Lillian’s city is dying. Slowly. Strangled by dust, drought, and oppressive laws that cut down commoner and noble alike. Even Lillian, as daughter-in-law to the Governor, can’t help them.

When a stranger climbs through Lillian’s window with the mythical knowledge needed to spin heat into rain, it seems too good to be true.

But the first real storm in months hardly means the drought is over. With the demand for more rain on one side, and threats from encroaching enemies on the other, Lillian’s choices are limited.

Except maybe the stranger is more than he appears. And maybe the city needs more aid than simply a change of weather.

A Rumpelstiltskin retelling, The Stormbringer’s Name blends timeless elements of unspoken names and bitter sacrifice with clouds of treason, betrayal, and a fine-spun gold thread of courage.

The fifth novella in the Legends of the Light series, this short novel is a stand-alone story and contains a handful of allegorical themes.

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The Stormbringer's Name

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