Burning Rose

Hope Ann
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Echoes of ancient legends lurk in the shadows of war.

Elissa, a stubborn village lass, attempts to save her brother but ends up trapped in a hidden valley with a captor covered in beastly scars.

Evrard, a wingmaster in the Prince’s army, races against deadly mistbenders to discover the tower of a girl with golden hair before his song flickers out.

Haydn, a reluctantly pardoned rebel, follows a breadcrumb trail of shadows and lies to protect his sister and find a stolen stormestone.


Before the war, before the legends, before the cursed rose, lived a man who started it all. There was a rebellion, a promise, and a sacrifice. There was the Oathkeeper.

Fairy tales retold as you have never heard them before.

Containing retellings of three classic fairytales, Burning Rose weaves the timeless elements of cursed beasts, captive maidens, and enchanted roses with deeper shades of betrayal, sorrow, sacrifice, and sibling love.

This first collected volume of Legends of Light contains a handful of allegorical themes.

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Burning Rose

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